Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Kiss: Heaven or Hell

Prima facia, Rodin's sculpture, 'The Kiss' represents the epitome of a beautifully passionate and deeply lustful embrace. The curvature of the two figures alludes to complete surrender and the sculpture seems to capture the beautifully pure and romantic transcendence of a full-body kiss.

However, beyond superficial inspection, one can notice that the man is actually hesitating slightly - his body is actually holding back from the girl. Further, their lips are almost, but not touching, same with their legs.

So then, perhaps this doesn't symbolize an impassioned embrace, but in fact, the opposite, that terribly arresting moment of second guessing, uncertainty and hesitation.

Rodin described this sculpture as the embrace between two lovers that could not be. 'The Kiss' is actually quite a sad tribute to unrequited love and hence is a recurring motif in Rodin's masterpiece, 'The Gates of Hell'...

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