Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Math + Art + Biology

One of the coolest intersections of Math, Art, Design and Biology I've seen in a while is BIOTHING - an architectural design program that uses computer programs and algorithms to organically evolve the design of a building according to some base 'genetic' principle (almost like a seed for a fractal composition). The user can also enter design constraints and designate specific areas of structural voids / structural localizations and the program will naturally abide to these conditions. Best to watch the video in action.

I saw this exhibit at the Pompidou in Paris today and was completely in awe of its potential. Another cool thing, the program was designed by a woman. Alisa, you are my hero! :)

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  1. haven't watched the video yet, but the Seed slideshow ( looks incredible. Would love to see this exhibit. Fractalicious!