Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Santorini Sojourn

Hippie colony by the beach in a land far from Istanbul...
This doesn't do it justice.

best described as 'ahhhhhh' :)

White-washed churches everywhere you look.
Santorini from the air

(More reflections on Istanbul later).
Now on the flip-side in sunny, salty Santorini. Incredibly picturesque place - dramatic lava cliffs, meditteranean blue-green sea, black, white and red sand beaches, and of course, the quintessential blue and white-washed houses built into the moutainside. Overall impressions: too touristy (and... I'm talking the cruise ship breed), but bliss if you can manage to find a reclusive beach spot. Terrible wine (didn't Greeks invent wine?), wonderful people, incredible cheese. Albanian immigrants everywhere. 1:5 ratio of churches to houses, 30:1 (feels like) ratio of churches to schools, 40:1 (feels like) ratio of churches to libraries. Translation: if you're born here you're likely destined to serve the cruise-ship tourist. Actually kind of sad when you think about it! But no denying the beauty of this place. Absolutely stunning.


  1. and did you find a nice reclusive beach???

  2. yes, dear momo - found an amazing spot (limestone cliffs, beautiful lava stones, minimal kitsch) where we also witnessed a massive landslide (safely from the other side of the bay)! reminded me of the earthquake in costa rica. very cool.