Thursday, June 17, 2010

Zen and the art of balloonıng

just a little gas and a massive piece of fabric
already getting our money's worth

I think I want to do this every day...

up, up and away!

fairytail morning; my flyer thought I had nice legs (yeah skorts! all gain, no pain), so he kept turning the balloon for my viewing pleasure, and much to the pleasure of the honeymoon couple situated beside me. :)

making use of every crevasse

love valley

Sunrise balloon ride over Cappadocia - absolutely stunning and the best way to feel the undulations of the fairy chimmneys as you drift to and fro. If you ever find yourself in these lands, do NOT cheap out! Go on the balloon ride, you'll get your money's worth within the first 2 mins.

Apparently Cappadocia is one of the best places to fly balloons in the world, attracting flyers from all over. My flyer was from Spain, a second generation balloon flyer. He's been flying since he was 8, and has flown all over the world taking photos ( - has some really cool shots of horse shadows from above). He told me that nothing makes him happier than 'swimming in the sky, so why do anything else?' Wise words. So, amid the spectacular sun, clouds and sky, with 30 other balloons, each with passengers expressing that rare, child-like glee, it really sunk in for me - doing something you love, wholeheartedly, without reservation, will pay off. Zen and the art of ballooning.


  1. On that note, wanted to share this with you yesterday:

  2. love that..."swimming in the sky"..want to go back